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Trauma Recovery


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Trauma Recovery Therapy and Resource Page


As an expert and a professional in the field of trauma recovery:  I have been there, and  I am HERE NOW for you.  I have recovered from severe traumas and I have aided hundreds of others on their trauma recovery journey!  I welcome you to partner up with me on a healing journey.


You can feel better more quickly than you can now imagine if you are dealing with a recent or long past trauma in your life.  You may be discouraged and exhausted from all the attempts at healing you have already made.  It may be time for you to seek someone with enough compassion and knowlege to really assure your success this time on the healing journey.  My step by step healing process are tailored to each and every person and situation.  I will listen to your story and your symptoms, and as I do, I will be formulating and sharing with you the strategies, tools, and attitudes that will help you recover at the fastest rate possible.  The best way for me to help anyone with their trauma recovery process is through a series of weekly therapy sessions in my Santa Rosa office.

That being said, I am also available for those who prefer or need to work with me online or in telephone sessions.  (Only in person sessions are covered by health insurance policies).  To get an idea of how I work, and what kind of information and help you can expect from me check out my online healing seminar:


 “Season of Healing”  is now available:  Would you like to have an audio experience of the kind of healing work I do? Check out my style without taking any real risk.   You can find out more about whether or not I am the right therapist for you, or you just enjoy the free seminar and use it to further your own healing.

Season of Healing, a four part audio seminar is available for you to listen to and/or download at no cost.  Just send me an email, and I will send you the links. 


Self Help


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Here are some things to consider when you would like to help yourself feel better right away.

If you would like more assistance in applying these methods in your life, feel free to call, email, or schedule an appointment now, online. for an in person or telephonic session.


The quality of your mind will match the quality of your breath. The Breath can control the Mind.

When you are upset and start breathing shallowly, rapidly or holding your breath, the mind interprets that to mean that you are in some kind of serious danger. When that happens the mind will whip up a tornado of thoughts and speed up its scanning of the environment, reading in more trouble behind every corner! You can intervene at times like these by intentionally breathing in a more slow and steady way.


Try the triangle breathing method of training the breath to stabilize.
Triangle Breathing: imagine an upside down equilateral triangle. the left side represents the inhalation, the top represents the holding in of the breath, and the right side the exhalation. Your job is to make all the sides of the breath triangle as long and as equal as possible.
Begin this technique by inhaling as slowly as you can and counting how long your breath is. Then hold your breath in your lungs for the same amount of time. Next count the same number out as you slowly release your exhalation in a controlled fashion, making sure you have enough breath to make it all the way to the end of the count. After you have completed the first cycle, complete 2 or 3 more the exact same way. Next add one number to the count as you inhale and do a couple of cycles at the higher number if you can. If you can not, simply return to the lower number and try to increase it when you practice the triangle breathing next time. You can continue to train your breath to be slower, richer and deeper by practicing this method regularly, at least 3 times a week. It is a safe method to use to train your breath, even once per hour. So employ it liberally, and enjoy a greater peace of mind and a more relaxed body today! See my post “Reboot Yourself” for a more extensive description of this method.


Stress causes you to use up key nutrients very quickly

If you are under a great deal of stress you can become easily depleted in B vitamins, which give you energy, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium which help you to relax. If stress is making you feel bad you might want to learn more about what kind of vitamin and mineral supplements will help. Besides ordinary food and multivitamins, you may benefit from specific supplements
help encourage healthy brain function, such as SAMe, phosphatydal serine,
GABA,or HTP 5 Hydroxy tryptophan.

You own mind may be making things worse by attacking you instead of helping you calm down and solve the problem at hand.

You may need to take some time to evaluate whether your own thought process is helping or hindering you in reducing your stress levels at this time. Dont Believe Everything You Think!!!! You may be blaming yourself, or jumping to conclusions or seeing things in black and white. You may be maximizing your obstacles and minimizing your strengths or making any number of cognitive errors. In order to best help yourself it would be good to get the book, FEELING GOOD, by David Burns. He explains the common errors we make in our thinking that make us feel more and more miserable. In his book he makes excellent suggestions for sorting out these distorted thoughts and getting our own mind back on our side of the problem solving crisis at hand.

If you are currently ready to seek in person therapy in Santa Rosa, CA ….or would like to schedule a telephonic therapy session please click here: