Reboot Your Stress with Vicki Van Winkle 2016 Schedule

Looking forward to a Peaceful New Year?

The New Year Is a great time for new beginnings and I welcome you to join us if you can squeeze a little time for meditation into your busy schedule.  Read on to find out more about this group, Always open to the community at no charge. This year our timing and locations will vary from month to month, as this year my focus is on reaching out to those who may not otherwise get an opportunity to sit with others and learn or enjoy meditation.  I will send out emails to remind you of the coming full moon meditation and give you the timing and location for that particular month during the week before the full moon, so be sure to check your mail before you show up, as few of the events, if any will be offered at my office this year.

Also find information below about the exciting workshop events coming up in February to help anyone who needs a boost on their New Years Resolve…… or otherwise would like some practical information and support for facing life’s various challenges. 

Light and Love to You,


Season of Healing

Bringing you the Self Revolution Series of mini workshops again this year, intended to reboot your new years resolution.   Surely there  is a workshop or two within this group that must be right for you!  In these workshops you will get month’s worth of therapy in a few short hours. Until February 28, these workshops are being offered for at a discounted price of $60.00.  Hold your place by making your $30 today.  After FEB 28:  the price goes up to $75.  At the door registration: $100.

Workshop:  Relationship Transformation Revolution 
When:  Sunday, February 1, 2016:
Men’s group:       9am - Noon

Women’s group:   1pm – 4pm  (these groups will be combined if less than 6 people sign up for each, timing will then be noon til 3)
If you have not been enjoying your relationships as much as you would like to be enjoying them, please sign up for this workshop.  I have created this workshop for all of us, for we are all needing skills and information to enjoy relationships more at this stage of human development.  You will learn what therapists know about relationships that make them experts. You will gain the information and skills on both the inner and outer level to communicate in clear articulate ways, to understand several from several angles what Human NEEDS really are.  You will also go through some modern and ancient yogic mind practices to identify your patterns and needs and how  to communicate what your needs are in skillfull, peaceful and clear ways that really work!

Workshop:  Business & Success Self Revolution
When:  Saturday, March 22, 2016:   9am - Noon
This is the workshop for those 100% ready to transform their mindset, discover and remove obstacles and create a new level of Business and Career Success. Learn about the patterns people have that block success, and discover your own particular version of these patterns.  Learn and Practice modern and ancient yogic mind techniques for completing and  releasing old patterns. You will be given information and taken through processes to understand and remove the blockages you have been facing to succeeding more!

Workshop: Health & Wellness Self Revolution
When: Saturday, March 22, 2016:   1pm – 4pm
This workshop has been created for those needing to transform their relationship with themselves, and release their chronic stress in order to  make immediate positive impacts on one’s health.  This workshop is for those who are curious, willing and  ready to make some changes inside and outside themselves to see a difference in their energy and wellness levels.  Work on your mindset, identify your patterns and obstacles and and learn modern and ancient  yogic mind and body methods for improving your health from the inside out!


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