What Are the Benefits You Can Expect From Therapy
with Vicki Van Winkle in Santa Rosa Van Winkle, MFT

Not everyone will have the exact same results from meditation training or from therapy. However, if you participate fully these are some results that you may expect to get over time by doing your inner healing work.

The most important benefit you will gain from combining meditation, breath work and therapy in your inner healing process is an ability to relax into your own peaceful nature and reveal that peaceful nature in your daily living and interactions with others on a more and more consistant basis.

You will be likely to experience better concentration and more consistantly good moods. Your problem solving skills will be likely to improve.

Much More Self Understanding and Improved Relationship with YourselfLearn to understand your own feelings and needs better. be able to prioritize and manage your own feelings and needs.Better Mood Management Skills


Improved Self Care Levels

As part of our healing journey we will take a close look at the habits and beliefs taht influence and control the way you are taking care of your mind and body on a daily basis. Our work focuses on healing the WHOLE YOU!


Less Anxiety, Better Sleep

Improved Communication Skills
Education and training about specific communication skills will actively be taught where needed in the therapeutic journey
Be able to spot problems with more clarity and solve them much faster.


Learn to Respond effectively rather than reacting erratically to situations.