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Trauma Recovery Therapy and Resource Page


As an expert and a professional in the field of trauma recovery:  I have been there, and  I am HERE NOW for you.  I have recovered from severe traumas and I have aided hundreds of others on their trauma recovery journey!  I welcome you to partner up with me on a healing journey.


You can feel better more quickly than you can now imagine if you are dealing with a recent or long past trauma in your life.  You may be discouraged and exhausted from all the attempts at healing you have already made.  It may be time for you to seek someone with enough compassion and knowlege to really assure your success this time on the healing journey.  My step by step healing process are tailored to each and every person and situation.  I will listen to your story and your symptoms, and as I do, I will be formulating and sharing with you the strategies, tools, and attitudes that will help you recover at the fastest rate possible.  The best way for me to help anyone with their trauma recovery process is through a series of weekly therapy sessions in my Santa Rosa office.

That being said, I am also available for those who prefer or need to work with me online or in telephone sessions.  (Only in person sessions are covered by health insurance policies).  To get an idea of how I work, and what kind of information and help you can expect from me check out my online healing seminar:


 “Season of Healing”  is now available:  Would you like to have an audio experience of the kind of healing work I do? Check out my style without taking any real risk.   You can find out more about whether or not I am the right therapist for you, or you just enjoy the free seminar and use it to further your own healing.

Season of Healing, a four part audio seminar is available for you to listen to and/or download at no cost.  Just send me an email, and I will send you the links. 


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  1. Susan Ehret

    Hi Vicki, I have been researching information regarding trauma and reactive attachment disorder to educate myself. Recently I became the legal guardian of my 5 year old niece and am searching for support in this journey. I would appreciate if you would send me your Season of Healing seminar.



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